Adivasis are indigenous people who have been living on their lands before settlers came from somewhere else. Adivasi’s have been one of the highest displaced people.

As mentioned in the Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples, 2007 Indigenous people have:

  • the freedom from forcible removal from their own land (Article 10)
  • right to a nationality (Article 6)
  • freedom from discrimination (Article 2)
  • right to maintain their economic political and social systems (Article 20)
  • right to own land and territories, (Article 26)
  • right to conserve and protect the environment, (Article 29)
  • right to promote develop and maintain their institutions, (Article 34)
  • right to participate in decision making in matters affecting their rights (Article 18)
  • right to practice, manifest, develop a detach their spiritual and religious traditions (Article 12)

The Rights of Adivasi stated in the Indian Constitution are as follows:

  • Right to Life (Article 21)
  • Right to Equality (Article 14)
  • Right against Discrimination based on religion, caste, sex, race etc (Article 15)
  • Right to Equal opportunity (Article 16)
  • Right against untouchability (Article 17)
  • Right against trafficking and forced labour (Article 23)
  • Promotion of educational and economic interests of SC and ST (Article 48)

Protection is given to Adivasi groups listed under the Constitution (Schedule Tribes) Order 1950. OBCs and SC groups are not mentioned in this order.