Dalits have been through atrocities in the past as they were the untouchables in the society. Even though Article 17 of the Indian constitution abolishes untouchability, Dalits have become marginalised in the socio-economic sense.

They have the right to

  • live with dignity as stated in Article 21
  • to seek education (Article 21A)
  • to work (Article 41)
  • to be socially accepted and be economically strong.

They have a right against sexual violations by non-Dalits, slavery which has been abolished and is a breach of fundamental rights mentioned under Article 23.

Following are the Schemes which cover the Dalits:

  • Rural Talent Scholarship Scheme
  • Junior Research Fellowships
  • Research Associateships
  • Research Fellowship in Engineering and Training
  • Teacher Fellowship
  • National Talent Search Scheme
  • Apprentice Training
  • Post Matric Scholarship Scheme