Affordable Justice


India Justice Foundation (IJF) is a nonprofit human service organization that provides counseling and legal assistance to low-income citizens on civil and family disputes.

We are committed to providing hope, justice, and support to the disadvantaged section of society because of gender, caste, class, religion, and ethnic identity issues in India.

By doing this work, we want to achieve:

  • Provide affordable legal services to support and empower disadvantaged section of the society.
  • Bring social awareness concerning human rights issues, child abuse, domestic violence, etc.
  • To fights against social injustice, inhuman, illegal and anti-social activities.


Everyone shall get affordable and accessible justice.

We are immensely grateful for the contribution of our volunteers, including law students, lawyers, paralegals, and others who are committed to improving the justice system in India. Our volunteers work under the supervision of GR Rajesh Kumar contributing their time, the effort for the noble cause.