Module I: Introduction

  • What is the Rule of Law?
  • What is Paralegal?
  • Essentials of Paralegal
  • Modern legal tools

Module II: Managing Litigation

  • Court ethics
  • The procedure of Court’s
  • Following citations, case, laws
  • Following Cause lists
  • Understanding categories of filing cases
  • Reading Court orders

Module III: Managing Criminal laws

  • Definitions of Indian Penal code
  • Arrest, Bail, Anticipatory Bail of Criminal Procedure Code
  • Juvenile Justice Act
  • The Dowry Prohibition Act

Module IV: Managing Intellectual Property

  • Patent
  • Trademark
  • Copyright
  • Information Technology Act

Module V: Managing Corporate laws

  • Company Law
  • Contract Act
  • Labour laws

Module VI: Managing Real estate documentation

  • Transfer of Property Act
  • RERA
  • Registration Act
  • Preparing a Deed

Module VII: Managing Banking and Finance

  • Negotiable Instrument Act
  • Banking Laws
  • Insurance laws

Module VIII: Managing Consumer Complaints

  • Jurisdiction of Consumer complaints
  • Ombudsman
  • RTI Act

Module IX: Legal Research

  • Basics of Legal Research
  • Case Law Research