Invest in Justice, Invest in Hope

Become part of the solution. Here’s how you can support our mission: Affordable Justice Campaign.

Pro Bono Legal Aid

We dismantle barriers to justice by providing free legal services.


The Apprentice Lawyer

Advanced skills and knowledge to excel in the legal field.



We recognize the challenges faced by graduating law students.



Support Network

Free access to e-library, computer lab, and basic stationery.


Legal Literacy

Spreading legal literacy among young people.



Actively seek partnerships with organizations, legal professionals.

Beyond Legal Aid, Your Knowledge Partner

The India Justice Foundation is committed to empowering individuals and communities through legal education. We offer workshops and seminars on various legal topics to help you understand your rights and responsibilities.

  • Access to legal awareness programs and workshops.
  • Regular updates on legal issues and developments.
  • Networking opportunities with legal professionals.

IJF: Championing Affordable Justice for All

India Justice Foundation (IJF) is a non-profit dedicated to making justice accessible for everyone. We offer free legal counseling and representation in civil and family disputes, empowering low-income individuals and families in India.

India Justice Foundation: 6 Pillars of Justice

The India Justice Foundation is dedicated to ensuring equal access to justice and empowering individuals and communities. Here are our six core objectives that drive our mission:

Pro Bono Legal Aid

We dismantle barriers to justice by providing free legal services, including representation in court and compassionate counseling, to low-income communities.

Professional Support Network

We provide new lawyers with the resources needed to hit the ground running. This includes free access to our extensive electronic library, dedicated workspace in our computer lab for e-filings, and essential stationery for their first year of practice.

Building the Next Generation of Justice Warriors: The Apprentice Lawyer Program

This innovative program equips aspiring lawyers with the advanced skills and knowledge they need to excel in the legal field and become socially responsible advocates.

Knowledge is Power: Legal Literacy for All

We believe that legal education is crucial for a just society. We are committed to spreading legal literacy among young people, fostering a generation well-versed in their rights and empowered to advocate for themselves and their communities.

Empowering New Lawyers: Launchpad to Success

We recognize the challenges faced by graduating law students. Through our Launchpad to Success program, we offer financial assistance with bar enrollment fees, professional attire, and essential supplies, setting them up for a successful career.

Building a Supportive Community

We believe in the power of collaboration. We actively seek partnerships with like-minded organizations, legal professionals, and community leaders to amplify our reach and impact.

Our Mission: Affordable Justice Campaign

Justice shouldn’t be a privilege. Through our Affordable Justice Campaign, we’re fighting to bridge the gap and make legal services accessible to all. Your contribution helps us provide crucial legal support to thousands in need.

Our Affordable Legal Services We Offer:

At IJF, we offer a comprehensive range of affordable legal services to individuals and families facing legal challenges. Here’s how we can help:



Our experienced lawyers can represent you in court or act as your advocate during negotiations with opposing parties. We will fight for your rights and ensure your voice is heard.


Counseling Services

Our compassionate counselors can provide emotional support and guidance as you navigate your legal situation. They can also help you understand your options and connect you with additional resources.


Legal Representation

If your case requires representation in court, our team of dedicated lawyers will provide expert legal advice and representation in both civil and criminal cases.

IJF Academy for Lawyers

India Justice Foundation: Free Legal Aid Clinic

Frequently asked questions regarding our legal aid programs.

How to Get Legal Help in Chennai?

IJF offers free legal consultations on the every second Saturday of the month. Appointments are required to ensure we can dedicate sufficient time to your specific needs. Currently available in Chennai only.

What to Bring to Your Consultation?

To ensure a productive consultation, please bring the following documents (if applicable) to your appointment:

  • Any relevant legal documents (e.g., court orders, contracts, police reports)
  • Proof of income (optional, to determine eligibility)
  • A brief written summary of your legal issue
What to Expect at Your Consultation:

During your consultation, our lawyer will:

  • Listen attentively to your concerns and understand your situation.
  • Discuss the legal issues involved in your case.
  • Explain your legal options and the potential outcomes.
  • Answer your questions and address any anxieties you may have.
  • If eligible, discuss the possibility of IJF providing legal representation in your case
Do you charge for your services?

The India Justice Foundation (IJF) prioritizes providing free legal aid to those who need it most. Our services are free for low-income individuals and marginalized communities facing civil and family disputes.

For others seeking legal representation, IJF may offer services at a reduced, affordable rate. This income generated helps us sustain our free legal aid programs for those who cannot afford any legal assistance.

In short:

  • Free: For low-income and marginalized communities.
  • Affordable Rates: For others, to support our free legal aid programs.

Empowering You Through Law

The India Justice Foundation (IJF) understands that navigating legal issues can be overwhelming. We are a private, non-profit legal aid clinic dedicated to providing accessible and quality legal services to those who need them most.

We are not affiliated with the Tamil Nadu State Legal Services Authority, a government body that also offers legal aid services. If you require assistance from a government legal aid program, you can find more information and contact details at