How Legal Aid Works

India Justice Foundation is one of the few legal aid services available in India, a country that could never have enough of such organisations. In our attempt to serve society better, we have compiled some information that could prove useful to anyone looking to engage our services. 

Eligibility criteria

IJF aims to provide legal assistance to all those in need and does not discriminate against people on the basis of caste, religion, gender, place of birth or any such similar criteria. We are, however, cognisant of the fact there are certain sections of society that are eligible to take priority when engaging representation, or any other legal assistance. An overview of some criteria employed by IJF are listed below:

  • Financial situation: preference shall be given to people that come from dire financial conditions, and are unable to afford legal representation under normal circumstances.
  • Nature of the problem: preference to people who need help with advocacy, counselling, civil and criminal matters. There is a focus on the early resolution of problems through counselling. 


IJF primarily plays the role of a facilitator; we put our clients in touch with skilled and capable advocates as per their case requirements, after which the concerned parties are encouraged to directly communicate with each other. 

Clients should be committed to the Foundation; most of our advocates work pro bono, or for nominal legal fees and we would like to ensure that their time and effort are duly respected. 

We foresee the need to better understand our services, and assess all the possible options before arriving at a decision, which is why we encourage clients to reach out via email, telephone calls or through our form, which can be found here.

Once they are put in touch with an advocate from our team, we encourage our clients to maintain regular contact and be available to furnish information and/or documents as much as possible, as well as attend legal proceedings as required. 


IJF provides the following services for those seeking legal aid:

  • Advocacy
  • Counselling services
  • Legal representation in civil and criminal cases