Legal aid is crucial to make justice affordable and easily accessible amidst socio-political differences. ‘Affordable Justice‘ Campaign is your opportunity to invest in making this promise a reality for thousands of individuals and families living in India. Your support of this campaign can make a life-changing difference for those in our community who cannot afford a private lawyer or who are helpless to face the justice system on their own.

The avenues to seek justice for the poor is limited due to the increase in litigation costs. The poverty is hindering them to afford adequate legal help. We need to bridge the gaps in the system and ensure easy access to the justice. The primary reason for our campaign is to ensure affordable and accessible justice for all.

‘Affordable Justice’ Campaign is a fundraising initiative of India Justice Foundation (IJF). The Campaign helps to ensure that vulnerable and disenfranchised members of our community have equal access to the legal system.

Why is our work in providing equal access to justice so important? Our advocates provide free civil legal services to help clients find legal solutions to desperate circumstances.