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Lights, Camera, Action! Welcome back. Today, English for Lawyers is meeting AI for Lawyers, a deadly combo to become super successful lawyer. Today, we get interactive! Let’s explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can empower you to master the language of the courtroom and legal drafting.

The Legal Arena:

Lawyers wield language like a weapon, but precision is key. Here’s a collaborative challenge to test your legal English and showcase the power of AI:

Consumer Court Case:

Imagine you’re representing a client who faces an insurance claim dispute. Here’s the scenario:

  • Your client has a Maruti Swift Desire insured with a comprehensive “bumper-to-bumper” policy.
  • The car required repairs due to a covered incident.
  • The insurance company rejected the full claim and only offered to cover 50% of the repair costs.

Your Mission:

Draft a strong opening statement for the Consumer Court judge, outlining your client’s case under the Indian Consumer Act.

The Challenge:

  1. Craft a Compelling Narrative: Briefly explain the situation, highlighting the “bumper-to-bumper” coverage and the insurance company’s partial claim denial.
  2. Invoke the Consumer Act: Demonstrate how the insurance company’s actions violate your client’s rights under the Consumer Protection Act, 2019.
  3. AI to the Rescue!: Utilize an AI writing assistant (like Grammarly or Quillbot) to polish your statement.

Here are some AI features to explore:

  • Clarity Suggestions: AI can identify convoluted sentences and suggest simpler alternatives for a clear and impactful statement.
  • Legal Term Check: While legal jargon isn’t always necessary, AI can ensure you’re using relevant legal terms accurately in the context of the Consumer Act.
  • Tone Check: AI helps maintain a professional and persuasive tone throughout your argument.

Share Your Work!

Post your opening statement in the comments below, mentioning the AI tool you used. Let’s discuss the effectiveness of AI in legal writing and share tips for crafting winning arguments in the Consumer Court.


  • AI is a valuable tool, but legal expertise is irreplaceable.
  • Use AI responsibly and ethically to enhance your legal writing skills for the Indian legal system.

Stay tuned! We’ll continue exploring the intersection of legal communication and AI in the coming days.

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